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Order Nerve-Express Products

Nerve-Express Standard unit without computer, Version 6.7 $4900 $4900.00
POLAR H7 chest belt - $75.00 $75.95
Nerve-Express Standard unit including computer, Version 6.7 $5900 $5900.00
Nerve-Express version 6.7 with Wireless Chest belt (Bluetooth connection) ECG acquisition device without computer $6900.95 $6900.95
Nerve-Express Smart Cable $375 $375.00




The Standard Nerve-Express 6.7 system includes:
- Notebook computer with preinstalled software. NOTE: Standard system also available without computer with different price.

- CD disc with Nerve-Express 6.7 software plus autorization key - Rokey2

- 3 options for wireless devices:

   1.   3 feet distance between POLAR H7 chest belt and receiver connected to the end of 10 feet USB cable with built -in USB adapter(Nerve-Express Smart Cable).

          Requires computer with Windows XP: 7, 8, 10  PROFESSIONAL ONLY. NOTE: Tablet PC and Touch-Screen computers woking only with Bluetooth device.


   2.   30 feet distance between Zephyr HxM Bluetooth chest belt and any PC computer Windows XP - Windows 10 with built-in Bluethooth receiver or external usually Nano-          dongle Bluethooth adapter 4.0.  Requires computer with Windows  7 - 10  Professional only.

          NOTE: First 2 options provided with same price

  3. 30 feet distance between Wireless Bluetooth ECG acquisition device(PBI QRS-card) and  PC computer Windows  10 with built-in Bluethooth receiver or

      external, usually Nano-Dongle Bluethooth adapter 4.0.