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Nerve-Express Products

The Nerve-Express 6.8 system provides:

   - ECG and HRV Analysis software for   display,  measurement and  interpretation of test results.
Nerve-Express supported following devices: 
  - 3 options for wireless devices:
 1.      3 feet distance between POLAR H7 chest belt and receiver connected to the end of 10 feet USB cable

          with built -in USB adapter. Requires computer with Windows XP, 7, 8,10  PROFESSIONAL ONLY,

          NO TOUCH SCREEN or 2 -in 1 computers.

 2.   30 feet distance between Zephyr HxM Bluetooth chest belt and any PC computer Windows XP - Windows  10

           with built-in Bluethooth receiver or external Bluethooth adapter.

                                Zephyr HxM wireless Bluetooth device

3.   30  feet distance between Wireless portable ECG Bluetooth device and PC computer

          with built-in Bluethooth receiver. 1 lead ECG with automatic storage and visualization.

          Please see below actual device and visualization picture.




The new ECG module is very small, highly reliable, 

and convenient to use with an appropriate belt.