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Educational Products

Theoretical Review of the Nerve-Express System with sample cases - Download (PDF) $50.00
Clinical Applications of Heart Rate Variability Analysis (DVD set - shipping by FedEx ground) $119.00

Disk 1 

  • Introduction: the Heart Rate Variability method
  • Theoretical overview of Heart Rate Variability
  • Quantitative assessment of autonomic nervous system based on HRV analysis
  • Clinical assessment based on Orthostatic test and types of autonomic responses during Orthostatic test
  • Clinical assessment based on Valsalva maneuver combined with deep breathing and types of autonomic responses during Valsalva maneuver
  • Case study based on real patients Orthostatic and Valsalva test examples and real-time case studies involving volunteer testing during session

Disk 2 

  • Real time autonomic assessment including 24-hour assessment in hospital environment and 24-hour assessment by ambulatory holter monitor